American Steamship Company

John J. Boland and Adam E. Cornelius enjoyed one of the longest and most remarkable business partnerships in the history of Great Lakes shipping. Their partnership began in 1904 when they formed Boland & Cornelius, a vessel brokerage and chartering business on the Buffalo waterfront. In 1907, they founded American Steamship Company and it was not long before the combination of their distinct personalities and talents proved to be perfectly suited for the emerging shipping business on the Lakes. Together, they led ASC through the challenging early years, the Great Depression, and World War II to great prosperity during the post-war years. In the 1950s, they turned the leadership of the company over to their sons, who carried their legacy forward into the second Boland & Cornelius generation. Their foresight and unparalleled ability to respond to change led the way to many innovations that had a positive impact on Great Lakes shipping in their time and to the present day.